Aviator vs traditional slot machines

Aviator from Spribe is not your average video slot. It offers social gaming features that you won't find in traditional video slots. You can join in the fun and challenge other players to join an online casino game full of exciting bonuses, multipliers and other surprises.

Aviator vs traditional slot machines

Aviator offers more than just the standard 3x5 reel slot machines. It has a multiplier based on RNG that goes up and up until each player decides to cash out. This means that if you're lucky, you'll be able to play all day and your winnings will really start adding up!

Plus, Aviator doesn't limit the number of players who can join in the fun. You don't have to worry about waiting for the game to open because it will never be full, there will always be room for more players. And with player-friendly odds, RTP and high payouts, you have plenty of opportunities to come out on top on this exciting alternative slot.

So whether you're looking for an immersive gaming experience or want to sit back and enjoy a classic video slot style game with a twist, Spribe's Aviator truly has something to offer everyone.

RTP of Aviator and regular slots

The average RTP values of the most popular slots are over 65%. This number can vary from game to game, with some games going as high as 97%, but generally the norm is 65% with a decimal.

For example, Second Strike, one of the most popular slots in the world, has an RTP of 96.26%; Aviator even more!

Aviator has an approximate RTP (return to player) of 97%, which is above average for a video slot. This means that playing Aviator will, on average, return you more money compared to traditional slots. And with an ever-growing multiplier, the biggest rounds will become even more exciting! So, if you're looking for a higher RTP and the ability to increase your earning potential, Aviator could be just what you've been missing.

Chat with other players User Gaming Experience
Unlimited number of players in the game room One player per machine or page
Game mechanics with one RNG Multiple reels and lines
~97% refund ~96% refund
Slot machine AVIATOR

Bottom line

Spribe's Aviator offers a unique interpretation of traditional video slots that can provide players with an immersive gaming experience. With ever-increasing multipliers and high RTP, there are plenty of reasons to give Aviator a try. Plus, the social aspect makes it even more exciting!

Using bonus spins in Aviator

Bonus spins are a staple of casino sites. When you register on a casino site, you will often receive free spins as a welcome bonus. They can even be obtained through limited-time promotions or as prizes in other games!

If you're a fan of Aviator or other casino games, then bonus spins are a great way to get free chances to spin the reels, land on a plane and maybe win some money. In fact, bonus spins can be even more valuable than regular in-game spins as they typically have no wagering requirements or other winning restrictions.

The best thing about free spins is that with them you will never lose money!

How to get bonus spins

Free spins can come from a variety of places, such as welcome bonuses for new users making their first deposit, or promotional codes and limited-time events.

Aviator Welcome Bonus Spins

Some casinos give you free spins when you create an account. You might be wondering how these free spins can be useful when playing Aviator; however, sometimes casinos limit the use of these free spins to only the most popular traditional slot machines. But don't worry, there are still ways to use all the free spins Aviator has in store for you.

How to use free spins in Aviator

If your spins don't work in Aviator, you can always use them to win credits in other casino games. For example, if you have free spins on a slot machine, you can exchange those credits for chips at the gaming tables. You can then use these chips to bet on Aviator or any other casino game!

Here's how:

  1. Choose one of your favorite slot machines.
  2. Take advantage of the free spins.
  3. Take all the credits you win during the spins and play Aviator!

It is so simple.

Can you win free spins on Aviator?

There is no free spins feature. The only prize you will win during the round is your bet multiplied by the time the red plane takes off.


Regardless of how you get them - welcome bonus spins, promotional codes or limited-time offers - bonus spins are a great way for players of all skill levels to keep playing without worrying about losing for a while. And no matter what games they're for, experienced players can turn their spins into useful credits that can be wagered in a live Aviator game.